Meet Your Veterinarians! – Dr. Debbie

We have 2 veterinarians here at my Zoo Animal Hospital, Dr. Debbie and Dr. Katie. We love both of our vets, and we would love to introduce them to you!   We’ll start with Dr. Debbie.

Dr Debbie Leach DVM

Dr. Debbie is the owner of My Zoo Animal Hospital.   She always wanted to be a veterinarian as a child, and was able to achieve this dream in 1998 when she graduated from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. She opened My Zoo Animal Hospital in 2006.   For more information on how she became a veterinarian and established My Zoo Animal Hospital, visit

Our veterinarians are more than just vets though! Dr. Debbie has 3 children and 5 grandchildren.   When not working at My Zoo, Dr. Debbie loves spending time with her grandbabies! She loves taking them to the zoo, babysitting them, taking them fishing, and teaching them all about being a veterinarian. Maybe one of them will decide to be a vet as well!

Dr. Debbie goes fishingDr. Debbie and her Grandchild

Dr. Debbie is also an avid reader. Not only does she enjoy reading veterinary journals to keep up to date on the latest ways to help animals, but also takes part in a book club. They read a variety of books from a variety of authors and get together to discuss the books and socialize.

For exercise, Dr. Debbie enjoys horseback riding as well as archery. She occasionally competes in archery tournaments. Dr. Debbie has 3 horses and 1 pony at her home. One of her horses is blind, and Dr. Debbie and her husband care for this horse and provide his retirement home.

When not visiting her grandbabies, shooting arrows, reading, or riding her horses, Dr. Debbie often spends time hanging out with the My Zoo team. She spent one Saturday in June helping Dr. Katie learn how to sew a dress for her daughter. “You just finish this up with a simple continuous suture pattern.” Dr. Debbie knows how to sew garments from a pattern, and Dr. Katie is trying to learn.

Dr. Debbie helped Dr. Katie make this dress for MM.

Dr. Debbie helped Dr. Katie make this dress for MM.


As you can see, we love Dr. Debbie and we love being a part of the My Zoo Team! We would love for you to come and meet us, and become a part of our My Zoo family.