Dreams of a Veterinarian – Episode 1

As some of you may know, I love chinchillas.  My husband and I currently have 3 male chinchillas.  Last night before I retired for the night, we let the chinchillas play out of their cages for about 3 hours.  We love watching them run, jump, and chase each other around our “pet room.”  After the chinchillas were safely back in their cage, I crawled into bed and fell asleep.  In my dreams, I dreamed about a house with 23 chinchillas.   I have no idea why I was in the house in my dream, but I was there when the police were arresting the owner.  The police (in the dream) decided to shoot all the chinchillas.  I was so horrified; I volunteered to save them all!  So I spent the rest of the dream moving the 23 chinchillas into my house.  In this dream, my husband and I decided we would save the 23 chinchillas and work to find them new homes.

-Dr. Katie

5 thoughts on “Dreams of a Veterinarian – Episode 1

  1. If I hear of anyone wanting to get rid of a chinchilla, I will definitely give you guys a call. I love a vet clinic that loves animals enough to help in rescues. Thanks MyZoo for all that you do. I’m loving the blog.

  2. I don’t think we need 23 chinchillas…2-3 is plenty! However, I should say I wouldn’t condone the police shooting any animal (barring one directly threatening a human life), let alone one as harmless as a chinchilla.

    • At least it was just a dream! I’m sure the police wouldn’t really shoot chinchillas like that! – Dr. Katie

  3. You told me once that your hubby didn’t want another dog. Now you have him rescuing 23 (that is an odd number ) chinchillas. good work Katie.

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