Meet Sallie – Receptionist

Sallie, Receptionist

Sallie, Receptionist

Sallie has been a valuable member of the My Zoo team for almost 5 years now.  Sallie is one of our receptionists.   She helps us by answering our phone, communicating with customers, checking in and out patients, and helping our team complete important office management paperwork.   Sallie is very important for our hospital to run smoothly!  We are very appreciative of her hard work.


Before joining our team, Sallie retired from CenturyTel.  Upon her husband’s passing, she began to visit our clinic more and more often.  She was a client of Dr. Debbie’s for as long as Dr. Debbie has been a veterinarian in Columbia, MO.  Since she was spending so much time with us and had a lot of experience working with customers, Patti offered her a position as team member.

Outside of the clinic, Sallie loves spending time at the lake.  She loves fishing and boating.  Her dog Tuff enjoys accompanying her on these adventures.


When asked to describe Sallie, our team kind, generous, and fun-loving.  She is also a hard-worker.

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