Meet your Veterinarians – Dr. Katie

Dr Katie Darr DVM

Dr. Katie knew she wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a small child, but she wasn’t sure what type.   She volunteered a lot at the local zoo (in Little Rock, Arkansas), and shadowed the zoo veterinarian. After spending a few weeks observing the zoo vet, she decided that she valued her fingers too much to be a zoo veterinarian. She also decided she loved working with people and wanted to find a balance between helping animals and people.   Growing up, Dr. Katie loved Jane Goodall and dreamed of studying wild primates. In 2005, she got the opportunity to have her own “Jane Goodall experience.” After 6 weeks of observing Central American Spider Monkeys in the rainforest of Costa Rica, she fulfilled that dream.   She also realized that she loved being in the United States and working directly with pet owners.   Those long hours and muddy jungle trails were fun for a while, but not what she wanted to do full time!   In May 2012, she graduated from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine and joined the My Zoo Animal Hospital team in June.   She’s loved her job ever since.

Dr. Katie and her baby

Outside of work, Dr. Katie loves spending time with her family. She is happily married to Dr. Chase Darr. Chase graduated with his PhD in engineering December of 2014 – just days before the birth of their first child (a little girl with the online name “MM”). Dr. Chase is currently staying home with MM to keep her out of daycare for her first year. The Darrs are also foster parents (to human children) so you never know how many children will be in their house at any given time!   Over the last 3 years, they’ve had 12 children from age 3 to 13 pass through their doors.   If you are interested in finding out more about Dr. Katie’s foster parenting, she’s always happy to share more information.


Dr. Katie and MM on a hike in a local state park.

Dr. Katie and MM on a hike in a local state park.

When she’s not busy with her 6 month old baby or other children, Dr. Katie loves hiking with her family, painting, crocheting, and sewing.  Dr. Katie is also trying to live a more healthy life. She and the My Zoo team are training for a 5K in August. We hope to run as a team and encourage each other to complete the 5K (Epic Mud Run).



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