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Life with a Blind Kitten – Stevie’s Story

Hello everyone! A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about how many pets I have (How Many Pets Does a Veterinarian Have?). Well I have an addition to my household, and here’s the scoop on my newest edition….

Dr. Katie

Dr. Katie snapped this photo on the first day she got Stevie. You can tell her eyes are not normal

Early in September, 3 college age ladies brought a tiny 1 pound kitten to My Zoo Animal Hospital. They found the little kitten under a bush near their apartment complex. The kitten clearly had a problem with her eyes, and the ladies were concerned that some sort of trauma had occurred to injure the kitten’s eyes. They named her Stevie (after Stevie Wonder). Since she’s a girl kitten, I tend to think her as named after Stevie Nicks now. The kind-hearted young women decided to bring this little kitten in for an exam and her first vaccinations even though their apartment didn’t allow pets.

Stevie is wondering

Stevie is wondering what the glasses are. Are they another cat toy?

Stevie is pretty

Stevie is pretty sure ponytails are just another form of cat toys.

Stevie isn’t a great companion for naps.

Stevie isn’t a great companion for naps.


You can’t even tell from this picture that Stevie has defects with her eyes.


Dr. Katie’s blind kitten and her greyhound share a water bowl.

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