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We will miss you, Chico.



Chico was born mid-May of 2007. He was brought to Dr. Debbie as a kitten one afternoon by a teacher who had found him caught inside the fan belt of her vehicle. He had a badly broken front left leg, a broken rear left leg, and multiple cuts on his head. The teacher wanted to euthanize him, but Dr. Debbie’s 12 year old daughter begged for him to be saved. The teacher relinquished the kitten, and Dr. Debbie performed surgery that afternoon.

Chico grew up in our hospital. He spent years watching lots of people and animals come and go. And in this hospital, he got the chance to reach the hearts of countless people. Employees and clients alike have felt the love he had to give. If you sat on the floor, he’d be there. If you were working at a desk, he’d find the most convenient place to lay and keep you company. And if you had food, you KNOW he was right there the whole time.


Chico loved us, but he LOVED food. He was known as the resident food tester, even going as far as trying to “test” the food that we sell here at My Zoo. He would even break into our exam rooms and knock treats off the counter so he could have some. His love for food showed, but his love for us showed more.

During a routine dental procedure, a large mass was found in Chico’s mouth and throat. Though deeply saddened by this find, everyone who loved Chico has had a chance to say goodbye. Chico is survived by a clinic full of animal friends and the people who loved dearly and will miss him with all their hearts.



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