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Dogs and Their Dinners

This is Tuff, and I’m going to interview all my dog friends what their people feed them.  Most of my friends have people who work here at My Zoo.

So, I’ll start with a little introduction of myself and what I eat.  I am an 18 month old  Doberman Pinscher who lives at the clinic.   I spend most of my days under Dr. Katie’s desk.  I was named after Tuff Hedeman, the bull rider.  I have a little bit of a sensitive stomach, so the clinic staff feeds me Science Diet Sensitive Stomach.

So here’s what my friends are fed listed by their people:

Dr. Debbie’s pack:  All of Dr. Debbie’s pack except for 1 dog eats Science Diet Advanced Fitness.  Buddy (a diabetic poodle) eats W/D.  W/D is a high fiber, low fat diet that is good for diabetics.  It’s a prescription only food.

Dr. Katie’s pack: Gary the retired greyhound (he’s such an old fellow) eats California Natural Lamb and Rice.   Ruby (small and energetic mutt) eats Science Diet Healthy Advantage.

Patti’s pack: Fritz and Matilda eat Sensitive Stomach because they have bad gas on other foods.  Mabeline and Shelby eat Science Diet Light.   Mabeline and Shelby used to be quite fat, but now they are looking good!

Abby’s pack:  Misty (a little terrier mix) gets Science Diet Mature Adult Small Bites.  Nike (a young hound) eats Science Diet Advanced Fitness.

Drew’s pack:  Clint, a blood hound mix, also eats Science Diet Advanced Fitness.

So as you can see, most of my friends eat Science Diet.  It’s the food most recommended by Dr. Debbie and Dr. Katie, and it’s what most of the My Zoo staff feed their dogs.  If you’d like to try a bag, give us a call and we’ll help you get started.

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