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How to Avoid the Easter Bunny Blues

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Easter is a fun holiday with all the egg hunts, chocolate, flowers, and bright colors. However, it won’t be so much fun if your pet ends up getting sick! So here are some quick tips for avoiding the Easter Bunny Blues:

  • Keep chocolate out of reach. Chocolate is toxic for many animals. So be sure it’s beyond their reach!
  • Watch out for xylitol. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in chewing gum, candy, vitamins, and sometimes baked goods. It’s also toxic to animals!
  • Avoid the dangerous décor. Baskets lined with that colorful plastic grass may be pretty but is dangerous if ingested! Shredded paper based products are safer for your pets. If you hide candy in plastic eggs, your dog may find them and eat them (plastic egg and candy).
  • Flowers – This may be a surprise, but Easter lilies are highly toxic to cats. If you have a cat, be sure she cannot get to the flowers. Even the water in a vase containing Easter lilies is toxic!
  • Live animals do not make good gifts. Live chicks and bunnies may start out very cute, but caring for a living creature is a big responsibility. Consider a stuffed animals or chocolate bunnies, but remember to keep both out of reach from your pets! When you bring a rabbit into your home, you are making a 10 year commitment to the care of that creature! Please consider carefully if a live animal is right for your family before bringing one home! Additionally, if you would like to give your family a rabbit, consider rescuing an older rabbit from a rabbit rescue or the humane society.
  • Here’s an article by the House Rabbit Society on Rabbits and Easter:

Happy Easter! We hope you all have a happy and safe holiday!

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