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The Top 10 Reasons to have a Dog

1. They help you reduce anxiety and depression
There are many studies on the effect of dogs (and animals in general) on mental health. Owning a dog can actually help reduce anxiety and depression. They are non-judgmental and loving, provide companionship, and a reason to get up every day!

2. They help clean the kitchen floor
Do you have toddlers at home? Well your floor will never be covered in food and crumbs if you have dog! Just make sure you don’t let toxic substances like chocolate, grapes, or raisins fall!

3. They help you exercise more
Don’t feel going for a walk today? Well, your dog does! He’ll help you stick to your exercise plan and he needs that daily walk!

4. They make you laugh
Dogs are funny! They have silly antics! Dr. Katie’s dog used to fart every time she jumped on the couch. Her son called it her “rocket boosted jump.”

5. They are great kissers.
Who can resist those big slobbery dog kisses? Even though they are a bit gross, a slobbery dog kiss still can make you smile!

6. They promote responsibility and empathy
While we don’t recommend making a child responsible for a living creature without an adult to supervise, dogs can provide a great opportunity to teach about responsibility and empathy.

7. They do not judge and love unconditionally
Are you wearing polkda dots and plaid? Well you dog doesn’t care! Did you make every mistake possible at work and have a terrible day? Your dog will love you just the same!

8. They teach you to find joy in the simply things
Dogs can be so silly! They can be fascinated by a little bug or a laser pointer. Most of them take extreme delight at their dinner or your arrival. Dogs always stop and smell the roses! It’s easy to find joy in the little things when your dog finds joy in EVERYTHING!

9. They are good for your heart.
They are quite literally good for your heart. Dogs have been shown to reduce blood pressure and lower your risk for heart disease! Why? Studies suggest it may be because of reduced stress and increased activity (walking). “A 1995 study followed 369 people with cardiovascular disease. A year later, those who owned a dog were four times more likely to be alive than those who didn’t have a dog.”

10. They make every day an adventure!
You never know what trouble your dog will get into so every day is a new adventure! With a dog, you will be inspired to explore new parks for your dog to play, discover new trails to hike, and meet new dog-loving people. It will be a grand adventure!

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