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In-House Laboratory and In-House Blood Analyzers

My Zoo Animal Hospital offers a full in-house laboratory with state of the art equipment; we can do in-house bloodwork and lab analysis at our facility. It’s another way to offer cutting-edge care and convenience to our patients (and their owners).

As veterinarians, we often see dogs, cats and other animals with medical disorders such as hyperthyroidism and kidney disease. Being able to run such tests in our own laboratory allows us to give you the lab results and an accurate diagnosis in as little as 15 minutes. You get your questions answered more quickly and you don’t have to make a trip back to the hospital in a week for a follow-up visit; it’s a convenience you’re sure to appreciate when tests are warranted for your furry friend.

But best of all is that in house laboratory testing and blood work allows us to start treatment right away.

Say you bring your elderly cat in to see Dr. Debbie because he's been losing weight. Medical conditions such as diabetes or kidney disease come to mind, but we can’t make an accurate diagnosis until we run some tests. Or maybe a young kitten isn’t growing as she should.

Within just a few minutes we’ll have the answers, and very often you can leave our animal hospital with any prescribed medication and a treatment plan.

This ability to get prompt answers is of even more benefit in crisis situations. Suppose your dog gets into some antifreeze. (Some dogs love the taste of antifreeze, unfortunately it’s a very common pet poisoning event.) It can cause death due to kidney failure, so an immediate diagnosis is important – you don’t have a week to wait.

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