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Back to School

School is just around the corner. Regardless of the age of the student, back to school indicates a change in routine. If your dog has been accustomed to his family being home all summer, this time may be a little difficult for him or her. Here are some things you can do to help your dog adjust to the new schedule.

  • Morning exercise – A morning walk or round of fetch can help expend some energy, making your dog feel more relaxed. You could even do a morning training session. Mental energy spent on learning and practicing can also help your pet stay calm during the day.
  • No drama – don’t make your exit a dramatic one. You don’t want to get your pet worked up before you leave. Don’t make your departure a big deal.
  • Fun toy – Some dogs will get very bored once you are gone for the day. You can help alleviate this through fun toys. We like food puzzle toys where dogs have to figure out how to get their breakfast out of the toy. Toys like Kongs or other food hiding toys can provide entertainment for hours. You can even purchase timed release toys to stretch the fun.
  • Doggie day care – If your dog is very stressed or cannot tolerate being home alone, we offer day lodging.
  • Evening walk – When you come home, remember your dog will be happy and energetic to see you! A walk or vigorous activity can help your dog settle down.
  • Routine – Most dogs really thrive from a consistent routine. It’s important to make exercise and walks a steady part of that routine.

We hope you and your dog find these tips helpful. Happy New School Year from the My Zoo team!

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