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Blood sucking fiends!

Hello everyone! During Halloween, more and more bloodsucking and scary fiends like vampires, monsters, ghouls, goblins, and ghosts start popping up on television and in stores. While most of those aren’t much of a risk to our pets, there are real-life bloodsuckers posing a danger to pets: Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Fleas- Fleas are small, bloodsucking insects that infest animals. They can be very challenging to eliminate, because everywhere a flea infested pet goes…the fleas drop off eggs. So any surface your pet has touched or walked by has to be treated too! We wrote a blog about the flea life cycle: click here.

Ticks – ticks are bloodsucking arachnids. They are more closely related to spiders than insects! Ticks are particularly nasty blood sucking fiends since they can transmit a number of diseases to pets (and to humans).

Mosquitoes – These nasty little insects fly around and collect blood from their hosts to feed their young. Interestingly, only female mosquitoes suck blood. Mosquitoes carry a number of diseases that can be spread to animals and humans including heartworm disease, malaria, and West Nile to name a few.

So while we’re not afraid of vampires, the real life bloodsuckers are worrisome. We have a number or recommendations and products that can help protect your pet from them! Give us a call, and save your garlic for vampires.


If your pet has a costume, we would love to see a picture! Bring your pet by or share a photo on Facebook!

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