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Children and Pets: Dr. Katie and her Baby


Here’s a picture of MM when she was 1 day old.

It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog, but I’m back and ready to go! My little baby (“MM”) was born on December 30 at 8:56pm. She was 19.75” and 8 pounds 11 ounces. My husband and I consider ourselves to be very blessed as MM is a healthy little girl. Both of us have enjoyed discovering how to be parents.

The previous blog series was “Pregnant with Pets.” Now that MM has made her grand appearance, I will be writing a new blog series called “Children and Pets.”

Since bringing MM home from the hospital, I’ve been asked multiple times “How have your pets responded to a baby?” For the most part, my pets have ignored her. Gary, my old greyhound, sometimes walks to another room to resume his nap if she cries too much. Ruby will come up and sniff the baby, and try to lick her face or hands (which I discourage). MM likes to put her hands in her mouth ALL THE TIME so Ruby is not allowed to lick her little hands. During those first few weeks, MM was fairly fussy. There was one night, both dogs decided they would rather sleep in the guest bedroom – as far from the crying infant as they could get!

Dr. Katie’s

Dr. Katie’s husband (Chase) supervises Ruby with MM.

As far as the chinchillas, they don’t know MM exists and are unfazed by the occasional crying. Stevie unfortunately passed away so I don’t know how she would have responded. The neighborhood cat, however, stopped by for a visit. He took one look at the baby, hissed, and returned to the neighbor’s house.

Dr. Katie and MM on a hike in a local state park.

Dr. Katie and MM on a hike in a local state park.

MM is only 3 months old now, but I’ll continue to write posts as she grows and becomes more interactive with my pets. If you have children and pets at home and would like to ask a question, leave a comment here or on Facebook!

As usual, my recommendation is to NEVER LEAVE A CHILD UNATTENDED WITH A PET!

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