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A Day in the Life of a Veterinarian – Dr. Katie 2: Why?


Many people spend their entire lives trying to discover their passion. I found mine as a child who loved her dog. Corky was a feisty, little Corgi-mutt, who entered the family when I was five. He was my loyal defender for eleven years, defending me from friends, parents, neighbors, and everything else he deemed dangerous. Growing up, I always knew there was nothing scarier than my dog under my bed. As a child, I always enjoyed accompanying him to the veterinarian’s office and plaguing the vet with questions. Even though Corky tried to bite the vet every single time except for his last visit, I wanted to be a veterinarian so I could help pets and their people. This is the only profession that provides new challenges every day and fulfills my passion for helping animals and people.

So, is veterinary medicine everything I thought it would be? Every day is a little different, and I never know what cases will walk through the door. I enjoy the challenge of diagnosing and treating animals’ maladies, and I love meeting new people with their pets. I truly enjoy learning something new every day. However, there are difficult things about being a veterinarian. For example, there are diseases (like cancer) we can’t cure, and patients we can’t save. When I’m faced with those, I offer the very best that new technology and medicine have to offer, and hope and pray for the best.

This post was all about why I decided to be a veterinarian; next up will be how I got there.

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