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Happy Halloween!

Here at My Zoo, we are ready for Halloween! Both our veterinarians have costumes planned this year. In addition to preparing costumes, we’ve also prepared a list of tips to help keep your pet safe this year!

  • Keep candy out of reach of your pets. Pets can smell the candy through the wrapping, and a candy wrapper won’t stop Fido from eating it – wrapper and all! Chocolate can be particularly bad for pets, but no candy is good for them. Some candies and gums contain an artificial sweetener called xylitol that is toxic. It’s best to keep all candies and treats far out of reach from your pets.
  • Choose a pet costume with care. If your pet doesn’t mind being dressed up, be careful choosing a costume that doesn’t restrict your pet’s movement, breathing, or vision. You want your pet to be comfortable! Also be sure your pet’s costume doesn’t rub or cause a rash. If your pet loves to chew (and ingest) clothing – Halloween costumes are no different. Eating a costume can cause an intestinal blockage.
  • Keep decorations (especially ones involving food) out of reach. The colorful maize and multitude of pumpkins that are very popular fall decorations may pose a temptation to your pet. Corn cobs can clog up the digestive tract, and that moldy, carved pumpkin can upset your pet’s stomach. Carved pumpkins with candles can pose a fire or burn hazard. It’s best to keep them away from your pets!
  • People in costumes may be scary.Your pet probably is used to seeing the faces of visitors. Visitors in costumes may frighten your pet since it inhibits your pet from reading body language. This may lead your pet to act fearful or even aggressive when it is usually sweet natured! Watch your pet carefully, and be prepared to place your pet in a safe environment (like a bedroom or crate) if your pet seems fearful.
  • Watch out for the open door. If you are expecting trick-or-treaters this year, your front door may be open much more than usual. Now is a great time to make sure your pet’s identification is up to date and legible. There’s still time to get your pet microchipped as a permanent form of identification. Call for an appointment (573-875-3647). If your pet loves to bolt out front doors, restricting access is best. You can keep your pet in a back bedroom, in a crate, on a leash, or behind a baby gate.

We hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween! Drop by for a treat (no tricks)!

Dr. Katie and Dr. Debbie in Halloween Costumes (from 2012)

Dr. Katie and Dr. Debbie in Halloween Costumes (from 2012)

If you want to see this year’s costumes, drop by our clinic or check out our Facebook page!

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