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National Pet Fire Safety

July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day and it is quickly approaching. Here are some helpful tips to take into consideration for preventing and preparing for fire. Some things you can do to prevent a fire are reducing flame exposure to curious pets, keeping loose wires secure so they aren’t tempted to chew, and removing knobs on the stove (this will help ensure your pet doesn’t climb or jump and accidentally turn on the stove).
When coming up with your family’s fire escape plan, include your pet(s). Practice taking them out with you and have a family member responsible for grabbing them to make a quick escape. The only things you should worry about grabbing are your pet and a leash or carrier to ensure that they don’t try to run away during a chaotic time. Make sure to monitor your smoke detectors and change the batteries annually!
Remember to exit your home as quickly as possible to ensure your safety! If it takes too long to locate or secure your pet you could delay your escape or endanger yourself or your family. Once responders arrive on scene you can inform them that your pet is inside. Remember to never go back into a burning house.
I hope that some of these tips are helpful for you and your family to ensure your furry friends safety!

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