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The Scoop on Poop!

Have you ever paid attention to which direction your dog faces when he poops? Well, neither had we, but a recent study indicates dogs may be more picky about their bathroom habits than we thought! According to this recent study, dogs prefer to poop with their bodies aligned in a north-south direction. Researchers at the University of Life Sciences in Prague observed 70 dogs (37 different breeds) for over 2 years. The dogs were allowed to go about their business in an open field where they wouldn’t be influenced by fences, buildings, or other man-made structures. They watched over 1,800 defecations and 5,500 urinations. Their results indicated that dogs have a clear preference to align their bodies in north-south orientation, and didn’t like pooping facing east or west at all. Of course, this all depends on the geomagnetic field. The study found when magnetic field fluctuated (like with a magnetic storm, solar flares, etc.) dogs didn’t seem to care which way they pooped.

Here at My Zoo, we decided to do a little survey to see if our clients’ dogs have a preference.

31 people answered our 2 question survey. 16% stated their dog preferred north-south. 9.7% reported their dog preferred the east-west axis. The rest reported their dog didn’t care or they didn’t pay attention.


This chart shows which direction dogs were reported to poop on our survey.

It’s important to note, however, most dogs in our mini-study were not free-roaming so their pooping habits may be affected by man-made structures!

So next time your dog is performing the “pre-poop spin,” consider the fact idea that he may be trying to align his body with invisible magnetic fields!


Chart showing the bathroom situation for dogs on our survey.

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