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Spring is here, and so are the fleas and ticks!

Winter is over and spring is just around the corner! If your pets are behind on their flea and tick prevention, it is time to get caught up! Here at My Zoo, we saw furry friends come in all winter with fleas, but with the warmer weather…that’s about to get worse!

Fleas- these blood sucking parasites are more than just an irritation for your pet. They can also carry disease and cause a horrible allergic response. Did you know that 90-95% of fleas are in the pet’s environment? In order to get an infestation under control, you’ll need to treat all animals in the house as well as everywhere your pets go! We can help. Our vets and team are very knowledgeable about what products are working in our area, and we can help you formulate a strategy.

Ticks – these are also disgusting, blood-sucking parasites! Tick latch on to your pet and feed for days. They carry a number of disease including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasmosis. Luckily for your pet, they have to be latched on for quite some time before they transmit this disease. We have preventatives that kill ticks very quickly – minimizing the risk of picking up one of these tick borne illnesses.

Give a call today (573-875-3647) or drop by and we can help you get rid of these blood-sucking parasites!

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