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Tips for Fighting the Flea Battle

This graphic

This graphic from the CDC shows the basic flea life cycle.

If you are seeing fleas on your pet, you very likely have fleas in the pet’s environment. Only around 5-10% of the flea population lives in the adult form on pets. The remaining 90-95% exists in the egg, maggot (larvae), or cocoon (pupae) stages in the environment. The pupae stage can last for many months and is one of the reasons we recommend treating for at least 3 months.


How to determine which rooms have the most fleas: place a shallow bowl of soapy water on the floor with a lamp (table lamp, desk lamp, etc.) shining on the water. Fleas will be attracted to the heat and light and drown in the water.

Buy a cheap flea collar, stretch it and put it in your vacuum cleaner bag or canister for the next 3 months. Vacuum your house and fabric furniture (and mattresses) daily for 7 days; every other day for 7 days; then weekly forever.

After testing a small, inconspicuous area of fabric to be treated, spray all fabric surfaces with knockout spray (or use the fogger). Please follow all label instructions on the bottle.

Wash all human and animal bedding and double dry it to kill flea eggs.

Spray the yard with appropriate yard spray to decrease the flea population.

Apply flea prevention to all animals in your household appropriately for the next 90 days minimum (year round is recommended). Please ask us for individual pet recommendations. Call at 573-875-3647


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