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The Veterinarian Mommy

Dr. Katie

Dr. Katie and her little children

Dr. Katie and her little children

December 1st was my first day back from maternity leave, and it was a busy and exciting day. However, I was happy to get back into a routine, work with the My Zoo team again, and see my favorite patients and owners. One of our blog series in the past has dealt with the day-to-day life of veterinarians. So what does a typical day look like now?

The Morning

3:00 am – My toddler woke up crying “Mama! Scary monster!” so I trudged over to her room, comforted her, and assured her the air vent is not a monster.

6:00 am – Time to feed the baby. The 3 month old is not a morning person, so I tried to wake him up to eat before I leave for work. After his breakfast, I got up and got myself ready. I also started the coffee pot, because I love my coffee!

7:00 am – Woke up the toddler who is again convinced there is a monster in her room. I dressed her and took her into the kitchen for a banana. If I’m not fast enough, she will have what I refer to as a “nana tantrum.” It must be hard to be a toddler. While she’s eating her banana, I woke up the teenager. “Time for school!!” My husband will take the babies to daycare.

Dr. Katie’s baby -ready to go

Dr. Katie’s baby -ready to go

Go To Work

7:15 am – I left for work…or tried to. This morning I frantically scrambled to find an ice scraper for my car. I really should put the bicycles away so I can park in the garage.

7:30 am – Arrived at work. I started by checking the files on my desk – patients that need refills, owners that need to be called, or appointments that will come in today. Then appointments started at 7:40am.

12:30 pm – Appointments lightened up so I took a long lunch to go check on the baby at daycare. He’s only taking a bottle ½ of the time so he was happy to see me!

1:30 pm – Back to work! I saw regular appointments until about 5:30pm with a few non-scheduled, urgent patients squeezed in.

Go Home

5:45 pm – Home again, home again. My husband picked up the kids from daycare. The toddler ran around the house saying “Hungry! Hungry! Cheese please!” So we rapidly got dinner going. After dinner, we picked up the house a little (ie, tried to control the chaos of a teen, toddler, and infant) and did some laundry.

Flip and MM

Flip and MM

7:30 pm – Time to get the toddler to bed. She’s bathed, pajamaed, and in bed by 8:30pm.

8:30pm – I finally had time to sit down to ask the older members of my family how their days were. The teenager had a good day at school, and wanted to dye his hair black. Ok? I thought it was really dark already, but apparently I didn’t understand the nuances of teen hair color. Being a teen must be hard too.

9:30pm- I got ready for the next day by resetting the coffee pot, laying out my clothes for the next day, setting my keys where I can find them, and setting my alarm. By 10:20pm I was asleep…at least until the baby got hungry every couple of hours!

One night a week, I take an evening to do a martial arts class for exercise and a change of pace, but this is what most evenings look like!

Therefore with 3 kids and working full time, you can see my days are full! However, they are full of the things I love. I love my family, I love my job, and I love my patients and their owners. I look forward to seeing all of you again! Keeping pets happy and healthy is one of my greatest joys. See you soon!

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