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Weight Loss in the New Year

-Dr. Katie

This morning as I’m wearing my stretchy pants after a wonderful Holiday season with feasts and family, I looked down and noticed Ruby was looking a little plump as well. Dogs and cats are prone to becoming overweight. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), diet and exercise are key to weight loss. For my dog Ruby, I selected a low calorie, high quality kibble. Chase and I will measure her twice daily portions. We will also limit the treats, and NO people food. Since her dog food is already completely balanced, people food can unbalance her diet. The other thing we are doing to try to assist her weight loss is increase the exercise! We are doing this by working on obedience training and more walks. Hopefully in the next few months, we’ll start to see a slow steady weight loss!

If your pet is struggling with a few extra pounds, this can be a serious health concern. Those extra pounds can lead to early arthritis, diabetes, and other organ function problems. We can help you with a plan to get those pounds off your pet! Let us know by giving us a call, and we’ll help you formulate a plan. 573-875-3647

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