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What you need to know before getting a bird

Are you thinking about getting a pet bird? Birds can be a wonderful pet, but they have their own assortment of needs and requirements. This is just a brief guide to some points to consider before acquiring a pet bird.


Birds require appropriate housing. You will need to research how big of a cage your bird will need. Pay careful attention to the space between the bars as you don’t want them too big. Do you have neighbors like in an apartment who might not like the noise of a bird? Some birds can be very loud. Birds also can be very messy. If you like a perfectly clean house without bird seed flung everywhere; you might want to think twice about getting a bird.


In addition to daily care like feeding, cleaning the cage, and helping with grooming, you will have to commit to playing with your bird and providing mental stimulation. A lonely or stressed bird can develop health problems like feather picking.


Birds are not inexpensive pets! In addition to the bird itself you will need to purchase toys, food, cage, and a stand. Birds also may need veterinary care and specialized grooming (claws or beak may need to be filed or the wings clipped). Be sure you have these expenses in your budget before getting a bird.

Life expectancy

Some birds can live a very long time. Depending on the species, some can even live 100 years. Getting a bird can be a lifelong commitment.


Do you have small children? If you do, a large bird may be dangerous for little fingers. Some birds may bond to 1 particular family member and not like the rest of the family. If you have little kids or older kids who can help with responsibility, maybe a smaller bird like a parakeet would be a better choice than a large macaw.

Reputable Breeder or Wild Caught

If you have absolutely decided to get a bird, I urge you to get one from a reputable source. Although the importing of many wild birds is illegal, unscrupulous sellers may still try to sell wild-caught birds. Harvesting wild parrots puts the species’ very existence in danger! Do not contribute to the extinction of a species by supporting the illegal pet trade! You might also consider contacting a bird rescue to know you really are helping a bird instead of harming a species.

We hope you found this helpful! If you have more questions about bird ownership, give us a call at 573-875-3647

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